Dental Prosthetics: Our Services

Every individual is unique and requires personalized treatment. The best dental prosthesis for you depends on your personal needs and your initial condition. We offer you the full spectrum of dental technology – from traditional approaches to the most advanced digital methods.

What types of dental prosthetics are available?

Dental prosthetics are categorized into fixed and removable types. A fixed prosthesis is either attached to the teeth or anchored in the jaw as a dental implant. This category includes crowns, bridges, inlays, or veneers.

Removable options consist of different types of partial or full dentures, such as splints or telescopic crowns.

Our range of offerings includes the following options:

Fixed Dental Prosthetics

  • Implant Prosthetics
  • Crowns and bridges with ceramic veneers on zirconia or metal framework
  • Monolithic crowns and bridges in zirconia or lithium disilicate (tooth-colored)
  • Ceramic inlays or gold inlays
  • Ceramic veneers (veneer shells)

Removable Dental Prosthetics

  • Complete dentures (optionally monomer-free)
  • Telescopic and precision attachment technology

Temporomandibular Joint Therapy

  • Milled splints made of Clearsplint (monomer-free plastic) or conventional plastic
  • COPA splints (Craniomandibular Orthopedic Positioning Apparatus)

Our Services at a Glance


Color Selection for Dental Prosthetics

Determining your individual tooth base color is crucial for a natural appearance. Hence, selecting the right color for crafting dental prosthetics is of the utmost importance. Tooth color matching and consultation can be done in our laboratory or at the dental practice of your choice.


Digital Image Documentation

Thanks to digital image documentation, we have the ability to capture each treatment step through photography. This allows us to have an optimal exchange with your dentist and present your entire treatment success.


Manufacturing of Dental Prosthetics

The fabrication of your dental prosthesis is carried out in close collaboration with your dentist: Your new dental prosthesis is manufactured in our laboratory and subsequently fitted by your dentist.